Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Liberty for me but not for thee

The Left’s Coordinated Assault on Free Speech

Perhaps most disturbing is that many in the mainstream media not just left-wing outlets like the Guardian not only approve of this kind of intimidation, but are willing to engage in it. The Chicago Sun-Times recently rejected an op-ed submitted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy because the group would not cave to demands from the newspaper to disclose its donor list. The Sun-Times then ran an editorial explaining that it wished it could “draw a red line” and reject all letters and op-eds from nonprofits that do not disclose their donors, and never use them as sources. The editors admitted that “highly credible organizations” like the ACLU and the NAACP also refuse to disclose their donor lists, but nevertheless claimed that groups like the Mackinac Center should be held to a “more skeptical standard,” because they haven’t been around as long and, presumably, because they buck the liberal consensus.

The editors of the Sun-Times, like others driving the campaign against conservative nonprofits, claim a benign desire to inform the public about the financing of groups that might influence public policy. But if that’s true, where are the calls for the private donor lists of the Center for American Progress, the New America Foundation, the Center for Media and Democracy, and other left-leaning groups?
RTWT It's a fairly shocking account how are modern Journolists pursue their political agenda under the rubric of "investigative reporting" and do so by winking at egregious abuses of power by government employees.

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