Monday, April 22, 2013

One more reason why the Patriot-News can't die too soon

Our local failing daily newspaper joined in the MSM hissy fit over the defeat of the gun control bill.

A bad week for humankind:

The U.S. Senate’s anti-democratic filibuster rule prevented a majority of senators from passing even a watered-down bill to reduce the odds of future mass murders. Great work, guys and gals: Let’s hear it for the Second Amendment rights of felons and whack jobs to buy guns over the internet and at gun shows! Ninety percent of the American public was on board – but hey, a minority of senators knew better than to heed the will of the people. Where in the constitution does it say the Senate needs 60 votes to pass a bill?

Paranoid Second Amendment fundamentalists poisoned the nation’s gun safety debate, serving up heaping helpings of hysteria and prevarication. They seem to forget their hallowed text includes the term “well-regulated.”
Nothing is more ridiculous than media professionals in high dudgeon and complete ignorance. The Patriot-News KNOWS that it was the EVIL conservatives who thwarted the will of the majority.

They know it, even if it is not true.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A word, first, about that Senate "minority." Majority Leader Harry Reid was free to bring the deal struck by West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin and Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey to the floor for an up-or-down vote, and this background-checks amendment might have passed. It did convince 54 Senators, including four Republicans.

But under Senate rules, a simple majority vote would have opened the measure to up to 30 hours of debate, which would have meant inspecting the details. The White House demanded, and Mr. Reid agreed, that Congress should try to pass the amendment without such a debate.

Majority rules would have also opened the bill to pro-gun amendments that were likely to pass. That would have boxed Mr. Reid into the embarrassing spectacle of having to later scotch a final bill because it also contained provisions that the White House loathes. So Mr. Reid moved under "unanimous consent" to allow nine amendments, each with a 60-vote threshold.

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