Friday, April 19, 2013

The news judgement of your betters

New York Times: Fox News Skips The President's Gun-Defeat Ordeal In Order to Focus on Some Trivial Deaths of Texans in Nowhweresville

The media here documents its own sick-making bias and arrogance but instead of understanding their own words -- we ignored the destruction of an entire town to focus only on the minor heartburn suffered by our Liberal Messiah -- they use it as a bludgeon for criticizing Fox.

NYT: Can you believe Fox was talking about this fertilizer explosion instead of guns today?

So, one morning show was home to two unabashed, unofficial lobbyists for gun control, and they spent the entire morning lecturing those who had not voted for their favored legislation, with furrowed brows, calling one party “extinct” despite the glaringly obvious political fact that most of 2014′s competitive Senate elections take place in pro-gun territories. The other morning show “focused instead on news about a Texas fertilizer plant explosion.”

Which explosion was that? The massive fertilizer plant explosion that rocked an entire region, with casualties feared in the high double digits and injuries to over 150? The explosion that happened just hours before the broadcast and featured dramatic live and viral video from the scene? The one that sent shock waves 45 miles across the state of Texas and a chill down the backs of citizens too often besieged by fiery, unexpected tragedies this week? The one that was an ongoing threat to surrounding areas because of the highly flammable nature of fertilizer, had not been definitively deemed an accident, and had ATF agents heading down to its location just north of Waco, Texas? That explosion? Because I’m pretty comfortable with that editorial decision.

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