Saturday, September 05, 2009

Crazies left and right

As usual Mark Steyn slices to the heart of the matter:

Megan McArdle writes:
If the right ever wants to get back in power, it needs to start policing its lunatic fringe.
Er, okay. But the left is in power, and it's got Van Jones the Truther in the White House. Which isn't exactly the "fringe". More of a lunatic mainstream, isn't it? Which may be why The New York Times et al have decided there's no story

Funny, isn't it, that while Henke, Frum, et. al. do Axelrod's work in demonizing conservatives, they missed one of the biggest blog stories ever?

Gateway Pundit owned the the story and he has not stopped blogging on the many facets of the Green Czar.

Ace has some interesting posts. He is having too much fun puncturing the lame defenses/explanations offered on Jones's behalf.

Legal Insurrection catches MSNBC in a moment of cluelessness that would shame even Chris Matthews.

Van Jones Sends Thrill Up MSNBC's Leg

Powerline looks at the meaning of Van Jones.

What Van Jones signifies

Doctor Zero:
The media is trying to ignore the Van Jones outrage. Don’t let them. This is not a “mistake.” A mistake is a matter of chance, a momentary failure of reason and wisdom. This is part of a pattern.

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