Sunday, December 07, 2003

Malvo, Moose and Motivation

This blogger asks:

Did religion -- namely Islam -- play a role in the killings? Is this connected to Osama's al Qaeda, even if only via ideology?

He has a lot of evidence that the answer is yes.

The JunkYard Blog thinks the police, esp. Chief Moose owes us some answers on questions he didn't cover in his book:

But--they misled the public, whether from noble intent or not. They told us they were looking for a certain profile, when in fact they had much evidence that pointed away from that profile and toward another.

We need to know why.

More on Chief Moose here:

What he doesn’t talk about in his book is some damning evidence that John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo could have been caught a lot sooner but for Moose’s insistence that the killer or killers HAD to be white. Despite eyewitness accounts of black or “dark skinned” drivers in the areas of the shootings, Moose (who can’t get past race to save his life) refused to entertain even the thought that the sniper(s) could be anything other than white.

How many people died while Moose was leading a Keystone Cop search for white guys in a white van?

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