Friday, March 13, 2015

Lena Dunham

RS McCain:

Lena Dunham is a selfish brat who has been protected all her life from the consequences of her own irresponsibility. Never once in her life has she done anything decent or generous, and instead has made a career of corrupting our culture. She has earned a reputation for dishonest cruelty. Like all such monsters, she cannot stand it when people tell the truth about her. And now she seeks pity as a victim?
I thought of Dunhan when i read Jerome Tuccille's discussion of Martha Gellhorn and her first novel What Mad Pursuit

The book was met with tepid reviews, with most critics unimpressed by her story of three college girls searching for something to believe in as they drank too much and exposed themselves to veneral disease and unwanted pregnancies. The Buffalo Evening News called the novel 'hectic,' and the New York Times said it was crude....It would be more likable if Miss Gelhorn were not so enamored of her own heroine, and if she did not dabble so ineffectually with questions of social justice."
Sounds a lot like Girls

Gellhorn took the criticism to heart

Martha herself was late embarrassed by her novel and refused o bring it back into print after it disappeared from view shortly after it was published.
She moved past solipsistic fiction and became one of out most famous war correspondents.

In contrast,, the critics have lauded everything Lena Dunham does, has done, or might do. A sort of mass hysteria has taken hold.

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