Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What lies behind the Benghazi lies?

Speculative but fascinating:

The Day Obama’s Presidency Died

So let me insert a guess into the field. Suppose Benghazi was the night when the administration’s secret policy fell apart. In one devastating attack Obama — and Hillary — realized they had been double crossed and their whole theory had been a dream. In an instant it was plain they could not control the jihad from the inside.

That setback, by itself, was not necessarily a bad thing. Commanders in Chief can make mistakes so why couldn’t Hillary and Obama just admit they had this theory but it didn’t work in practice and just learn from it?

Because they had pursued the policy secretly and possibly illegally. Because of 2012. Because like Hirohito, Obama could do no wrong, so there was nothing but to protect the Throne of Heaven from the accusation of fallibility and the guilt of cover-up. So they lied.
The Iran-contra affair was propelled, in part, by Robert MvFarlane's desire to 'pull a Kissinger' and re-open relations with Iran. Was someone in the White House seduced by a similar mirage WRT the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni fundamentalism?

Hubris makes people do stupid things. And prideful people often lie when they are embarrassed.

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