Monday, April 07, 2014

Let's start the week with some Chesterton

We fight for the right of normal people to define normality.

Illustrated London News, 2 June 1917

All crime is a kind of despotism; and the sin against the Holy Ghost is the attempt to be the superman. All punishment is a sort of righteous rebellion; the revolt of all men against the man who thinks he is the only man in the world.

Daily News, 15 May 1909

There are only two things in human politics, and they are Power and Persuasion… you convict a man-or else you convince him. You convince him of sin-or you convict him of crime.

Illustrated London News 4 April 1914,

The fact on our side, to be held firmly, is that the tide against is only a tide; that is, it is a dead thing. Its rapidity is all routine; whereas we, whether we win or drown, who build a dyke, are alive.

New Witness, 28 April 1918

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