Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elections have consequences

Unfortunately, sometimes the politicians fail to mention what those consequences will be.

One More Cowardly Moratorium

Now comes Washington Governor Jay Inslee, announcing he will impose a moratorium, granting reprieves so that no one is executed while he is governor. He conveniently omitted any mention of an intent to would do that while campaigning for the office, so as to allow the people of Washington to decide if they wanted a governor who would clear-cut justice in this manner. (Campaign website here.) The election was reasonably close at 51.5 - 48.5, so it is quite possible he would not be governor if he had announced his intentions in advance of the election, which, of course, is precisely why he did not. If anyone reading believes that he has had a change of heart based on recent study and soul-searching, I would like to sell you a bridge. This action is one more in a series of Profiles in Cowardice that we have seen in multiple states. Get elected first, then drop the bomb.

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