Monday, January 27, 2014

Not sure what Roger Ailes was thinking

A couple of weeks ago i posted this:

It was interesting that CNN had time to join in the Megyn Kelly bashing but no time for a story of huge importance to the nation and the craft of journalism.

But come on, shouldn't Fox News care about this sort of thing?

In an odd way, Howard Kurtz's move from CNN to FNC has made each network more liberal.
The trend has only strengthened in subsequent weeks. Kurtz brought his traveling circus to Fox so now we get to watch clowns like Dava Milbank and Ana Marie Cox explain away the faults of the MSM. Like good little corralled rebels, they praise their colleagues with faint damns.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, Reliable Sources continues its leftward drift. They take special delight in bashing Fox no matter what the big media stories are that week. Brian Stelter is happy to be Anita Dunn's lapdog.


New job, same old Howie

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