Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our wayward press critics

Our professional media critics continue their policy of studied silence on Obamacare and the Lie of the Year.

It is worth remembering that some of those same derelict watchdogs were happy to see the MSM go after Sarah Palin and her “lies” about death panels*.

But hey, one-sixth of the US economy is following the Titanic track…. … That is not nearly as important as what Phil Robertson said.

Makes me think that Duck Dynasty serves the same purpose now that Don Imus did when the Duke Hoax blew up.**

* On Palin, I stll like Insty’s point:

I’m just amused at how quickly after the implementation of ObamaCare the whole “death panel” thing was transformed from a paranoid fantasy of that yokel, Sarah Palin, to an obviously good idea that all thinking people support.
** Based on his Duck Dynasty quasi-coverage, Howard Kurtz is still a smug little weasel despite his move to Fox.

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