Tuesday, October 01, 2013

L. C. Greenwood, R.I.P

Gone, but not forgotten

L.C. Greenwood
I still think Greenwood belongs in the Hall of Fame for all the reasons noted here:

Why the Hall of Fame is becoming a joke

Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame
The "official" NFL record for career sacks in the Super Bowl is 4.5 (held by Charles Haley* in five Games.) The single game record is 3.0 set by Reggie White against Drew Bledsoe and new England in SB XXXI.

Greenwood sacked Roger Staubach four times in SB X and once in SB XIII. But he is not in the record book because sacks were not an official record in the seventies.

*Haley also belongs in the HoF. Hey, five rings should be trumps.

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