Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An important distinction

From Beldar:

If I'm looking at my son Adam and I call him by his older brother Kevin's name, I've "misspoken." If I say to him, "Adam, I served in Vietnam," then I'm a liar.

Until yesterday, Richard Blumenthal was a well-educated lawyer praised for his ability to make cogent and powerful arguments in court. Now, he wants us to believe that he is a toungue-tied rube when he talks a about his military service.

BTW, did either Bushes, widely mocked for their tortured speaking style, ever make a similar mistake about their military service?

Maybe the best quote of the day from a commenter at Hot Air:

What’s the difference between Blumenthal and Jane Fonda? —- Fonda has actually been to Vietnam.

UPDATE: More at In from the Cold. Poor Blumenthal can't get out of his own way. At the press conference he brought along "Elliot Storm, a.k.a. William Joseph Trumpower, a veterans organizer for the Blumenthal campaign." Unfortunately, as noted at IftC, Mr. Storm has his own stolen valor issues.

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