Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Al Sharpton and his enablers

Michelle Malkin saves some history from the memory hole.

Yes, let’s talk about Al Sharpton’s racial demagoguery, shall we?

The last thing Clown Sharpton wants is a thorough and blistering examination of his vile shakedowns, bigoted incitements, and police-bashing antics in a court of law– and the court of public opinion.

MM is also right about this:

He derives his role in large part because of the MSM’s continued need for minority charlatans to provide demagogic soundbites and deliver good ratings for the cable clown shows…Some readers wonder why I continue to write about the Sharpton-MSM lovefest. Why? Because the enablers deserve to be held responsible and shamed publicly until they stop.

Fox News deserves criticism on this score. As i noted two years ago during the Imus scandal:

Sharpton’s rise is a sign of our degraded public culture. I do not see the problem as only political; economics also plays a role. Conservative Sean Hannity promotes Sharpton as much as any liberal. Hannity may disagree with Sharpton but he is willing to give him a platform because it makes for “good television.”

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