Friday, September 11, 2009

Sobering Thoughts on the Pirates

by The Last Hollywood Star

I was one of the 65,000 fans at Heinz Field last night who watched the Steelers celebrate its Super Bowl championship with 13-10 win over the tough Tennessee Titans.

And I was also one of the 6,500 hundred at PNC Park Wednesday watching the Pirates lose to the Chicago Cubs 8-5 and confirm that they are one of the majors’ worst teams.

I wonder how many of the 65,000 give the Pirates even a passing thought. Last night: none!

The insignificant Pirates are reduced now to hyping Pedro Alvarez and sundry other minor leaguers as part of the new wave of players who management promises will soon lift the team to competitive levels.

Who knows? Alvarez and others may be the answer to the Pirates’ prayers.

But here’s two questions that are depressing to ponder: How many of the Pirates current roster could break into the starting line up of the top major league teams like the Yankees, Cardinals or Phillies? Or, even more sobering, how many of them would even make those teams?

Here’s something else to consider. Through 138 games, manager John Russell has fielded 110 different starting lineups.

One of the key ingredients in baseball success is consistency.
A different lineup every day dooms the team. And when the lineup includes below average players at most positions, then you can expect the worst.

And that’s exactly what the Pirates have produced for seventeen years: the worst team in baseball.


Fun fact: Only two Pirates played for managers Danny Murtaugh, Chuck Tanner and Jim Leyland. They are John Candelaria, (177-122, ERA 3.33) and Jerry Reuss, (220-191; 3.92 ERA)

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