Sunday, September 27, 2009

NY Times Public Editor does what he is paid to do

I.e. he flacks for his employer when they mess up.

Tuning in too late

Don Surber:

The column was a weak attempt to sweep the institutional bias under the rug.

No surprise there. It's a feature not a bug:

Public editors

What is the true function of a public editor?

Media criticism and corralled rebellion

Michelle Malkin:

So, get this: The Times has now assigned an anonymous editor to “monitor opinion media” so the effete journalists don’t get caught flat-footed again. But they won’t identify the editor because they don’t him or her getting e-mails from the public (heaven forfend) and they don’t want him or her getting feedback, criticism, or tips from the blogosphere (the MSM must be shielded from the angry mob).

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