Monday, September 21, 2009

GWB: The Other McCain weighs in

Bushism and Latimerism

I'm not sure about this point, though.

Nevertheless, Bush 43 had that same New England WASP Republican commitment to "respectability" -- the Politics of Niceness -- which was the intrinsic flaw of his father's politics, and which is why New England WASP Republicans are a dying breed.

I argued here that behind the niceness there lurked an astounding arrogance:

Hmmm, jealous of its prerogatives yet indolent in governing. That sounds more like a decadent monarchy than a vigorous Jacksonian chief executive. I think the Right got Bush wrong. Today, he seems more like G.W. Bush II of Connecticut than he does the forceful W from west Texas.

Kaus also argued that the arrogance slid into grandiosity. I think he may have had a point. (See here.)

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