Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glenn Beck is a genius

and Time magazine is run by idiots.

On his TV show Beck has a great time skewering the MSM for the refusal to cover scandals like Van Jones and ACORN. He knows he has them over a barrel. If they jump on the stories he brings to light, they ratify his credibility. But if they ignore them, then the MSM looks clueless and biased when Van Jones is forced to resign or the Senate votes to defund ACORN.

Tough position. But now Time commits an unforced blunder.

TIME Mag Photog Purposely Makes Glenn Beck Look Bad... Like She Did John McCain Last Year

Photog Says She Purposely Made Glenn Beck Look Bad On Time Cover

It’s an interesting choice. Greenberg is known for her liberal views – and she’s being very upfront about her use of this opportunity to take revenge on those who attacked her.

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