Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 2010 Clock Is Already Ticking

By The Last Hollywood Star

After last night’s humiliating 10-4 loss to the Cincinnati Reds, General Manager Neal Huntington somehow managed to put a positive spin on the Pirates dismal 3-21 record over the last 24 games.

According to Huntington, the Pirates need to add “pieces” to the existing squad which will he claims be better next year because they have learned tough lessons in 2009.

Happy talk is what Huntington has to say. Few from the fan base believe him. And for all I know, Huntington himself may not believe it.

But one way or the other, what the final lousy weeks mean is that come Opening Day 2010, the Pirates’ margin for error will be thin indeed.

The Pirates will need to get out of the gate fast. If April produces more of the sloppy, ugly play we’ve seen for the last two months, what little reservoir of good will Pirate management may have will quickly vanish.

Worse for Huntington, the stands will be as empty in the spring as they are in September.

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