Thursday, August 06, 2009

How technology can make us dumber

A couple of items to ponder:

Crap detection 101 and social media

My gripes about social media and the future of technology in general, comes around to how we’re increasingly rewarded for volume online, or believe we will be rewarded for volume, rather than quality. Which is strange given how successful the web has been at making volume of information moot. We have more to read, watch and listen to than we can consume in a thousand lifetimes. Volume isn’t the problem. It’s the search for quality and the shortage of critical thinking that we need to solve and this includes the promotion of the kinds of questions Rheingold suggests everyone asks of things they read online.

I discussed one other aspect of the speed/volume problem here:

When Instapundit speaks

This piece from Armed Forces Journal is so accurate it hurts:

Dumb-dumb bullets

As a decision-making aid, PowerPoint is a poor tool

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