Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Don't knock the Rock

Here's the story of Rocky Blier. Many payers come back from injury, but what about coming back from rifle and grenade wounds?

40 Years Ago Today in Steelers History: Rocky Bleier Fights Back

A profile of a consumate professional-- Hines Ward:

Added bonus: check out the picture of the last two Super Bowl rings.

The guys at Cold Hard Football Facts explain why the Vikings must be smoking crack:

The Vikings, in case you haven't heard, signed mercenary Brett Favre to a two-year, $25-million deal on Tuesday. It's the second team that Favre has signed with since he issued a teary-eyed farewell to football and to his beloved Packers 17 months ago.

Apparently, the Vikings suffer under the illusion that the only thing between them and their first Super Bowl title is an ineffective, mistake-prone quarterback with a 79.5 passer rating over the past four years who turns 40 in October, who hasn't led a team to a Super Bowl since back around the time when Bill Clinton was not having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, and who hijacked the hopes of one team after another along the way

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