Friday, July 31, 2009

Manny and Ortiz

Oh, the horror. Red Sox Nation must be tortured with guilt. They spend the spring taunting A-rod for juicing. Now they find out that their two best sluggers from the championship teams were dirty as well.


Actually i agree with the last half of this Bob Ryan column. The revelation that a given player was dirty in 2003 or 1998 is no big deal anymore. Two other points are much more important:

1. When the Mitchell Report was issued, many people were either angered or, at the very least, intrigued by the absence of Red Sox names. There may not have been a single raised eyebrow were it not for the fact that George Mitchell is more than a little associated with the Red Sox. His name is high on the team masthead as a “Director.’’

Sportswriters treated the Mitchell Report as if it were handed down from Mount Sinai. I wonder if any reporter is willing to dig into the methods used and the reason why Ortiz and Rameriz were missed.

2. Here’s another question: What exactly is going on with the leaking of these names?

To me, that is the biggest question of all. The list in under court seal. The people leaking it are breaking the law. That is a far worse than cheating in a child's game.

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