Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let's play did you know

Did you know that Fox News has more viewers for their mid-day news show than Keith Olberman pulls in primetime?

Yeah, me either. Makes you wonder why Olby and Maddow gets so much media attention. (We're working a theme here.)

Check out this post for more.

Here's another telling statistic, one you won't find in the media coverage of The New York Times. Everyone knows that Fox's evening line-up trounces the competition, but some of the network's daytime programs beat the prime time offerings of CNN and MSNBC. Keith Olberman's audience, for example, is about that of "Happening Now," FNC's midday news show that airs from 11 am to 1 pm, eastern time.

"Happening Now," is anchored by Jon Scott and Jane Skinner who are very talented broadcasters. But neither Mr. Scott nor Ms. Skinner have been hailed as cable news stars, or received the fawning coverage lavished on Olberman. In fact, the ratings "surge" of the MSNBC host has been largely the result of CNN's night-time implosion

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