Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jason Whitlock is not clubbable

Usually, the members of the journalist guild refuse topass judgement on each other. That is just one of the reasons why the MSM sucks. Jason Whitlock knows this first hand because he was banned from ESPN for daring to criticize some of the windbags at the WorldWide Leader.

Fortunately for us, he remains uncowed. He is one of the few journalists willing to take on the poobahs of the MSM.

This column on Selena Roberts and her A-Rod book is a gem.

Roberts’ book on A-Rod should be questioned

The national media anti-snitching campaign is twice as pervasive and effective as anything put together by the Bloods, Crips and LAPD. For the most part, we refuse to squeal on each other.

Roberts’ book is a long-winded blog. Why it’s being treated as an unimpeachable piece of journalism can only be explained by the cushy position she’s been handed by The New York Times, ESPN and Sports Illustrated and the unchallenged institutional bias found within the elite sports media institutions.

Like the Duke lacrosse players, the elite media have decided that Alex Rodriguez is fair game for abuse. Rules of fairness do not apply

HT: DiW who agrees with Whitlock about Selena Roberts.

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