Saturday, May 30, 2009


R.S. McCain understands why this scandal is scary:
The point is, there was evidence to suggest that the Obama administration may have been wielding its economic power -- gained at future taxpayers' expense -- to punish political enemies .
Now that the federal government is pouring trillions into semi-secret bailouts, there are a myriad opportunities for such strong-arming.

McCain and Malkin also note that the MSM is embarrassing itself on its non-coverage of this story.

Luckily, bloggers who are pushing forward (doing the work that the MSm won't do). The two best are Doug Ross and Joey Smith.

Useful background on Obama's car czar here:
Questions for Obama's Car Czar

Why did Quadrangle Group, run by Steven Rattner whom the president has chosen as the auto industry’s fix-it man, have a subsidiary buy the DVD rights to Chooch, a movie co-produced by a pension-fund official? It’s among the many things New York's attorney general needs to figure out.

Let's just say that Steven Rattner is no stranger to the "pay to play" culture at work in the Chrysler closings.

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