Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'd call them cranky old men

But not all of them are old and some aren't even men.

How about clueless weenies?

Let's all get our shriek-freak on and bash Jimi Hendrix.

San Francisco education reform: Be like Jimi Hendrix

Well not here. This site brooks no bashing of Jimi Hendrix.

Heck, i'll even defend the SF schools on this one. If you want a pop icon to represent "transformation", Hendrix is a pretty good choice.

Now 'scuse me while i fire up the CD player with a little "Manic Depression."

You know who i want to hear from? R. S. McCain. As the right-o-sphere's reigning semi-reformed bad boy, McCain has to have a lot of fond memories with a Hendrix sound track. As a guitarist. he knows that Hendrix is more than a "drug-addled rock star". Yet we also know that McCain has broken bread with Malkin.

So what will it be? Will he stand up for truth, beauty, and essential American music? Or will he compromise out of political calculation and ideological alliance?

Watch this space as we look for clues for the state of Robert Stacy McCain's soul.

UPDATE: Worse than we dared think. McCain, who i thought was a patriot, actually wasted his time on derivative and pretentious Brits instead of a real American genius.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Hendrix served his country as a paratrooper - that is good enough for me