Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peter Lance and Triple Cross

I found this old blog post by Peter Lance that covers much of the material he discussed on CSPAN.

Al Qaeda and The Mob: How the FBI Blew It on 9/11
I am even more interested in reading his new book now. When I first heard of his findings I speculated that Ali Mohamed could be a key link for the ABLE DANGER network analysis. But now it is clear that he is also Kryptonite to almost every organization involved. A senior FBI agent vouched for him to get Mohamed out of RCMP custody. The DOJ (especially Patrick Fiztgerald) let him roam free for months which allowed Mohamed to go to Africa and recon the Kenyan embassy for bin Laden. The Army let him into the Special Forces where he obtained classified information for the al Qaeda cell that plotted the first WTC attack and the Day of Terror bombings. It is easy to see why no one wanted to connect any dots that included Ali Mohamed.

Lance has another explosive revelation.

in July of 2001, Khalid al-Midhar and Salem al-Hazmi got their fake I.D.'s delivered to them in a mailbox at the identical location the FBI had been onto in the decade since El Sayyid Nosair had killed Meier Kahane. The man who supplied those fake ID's that allowed al-Midhar and al-Hazmi to board A.A. Flight #77 that hit the Pentagon, was none other than Mohammed El-Attriss the co-incorporator of Sphinx with Waleed al-Noor - whom Patrick Fitzgerald had put on the unindicted co-conspirators list along with bin Laden and Ali Mohamed in 1995.
Al-Midhar was one of the 9/11 hijackers who attended the terror meeting in Malaysia and then slipped into the this country. The FBI blamed CIA for not informing them of the meeting or his presence here. That is a valid complaint, but it also ignores an FBI/DOJ failure.

A 9/11 hijacker met up with an unindicted co-conspirator from the 1994 Day of Terror plot and then slipped away unnoticed. Seven years after the DOJ and FBI supposedly smashed the New York cell, their compatriots were still in a position to aid al-Qaeda. How was that possible?

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