Friday, March 16, 2007

More too clever by half

Patterico has been excellent on the firings of the U. S. Attorney's and the press distortions of the matter. He is also willing to call the Admsinistration on their missteps.
The Indefensible Aspects of the U.S. Attorney Firings
Kyle Sampson got burned for the same reason Rove and Libby got burned on Plame/Wilson.
The Kyle Sampson plan to sneak in U.S. Attorneys under a little-known Patriot Act provision had a weaselly appearance to it. It had the immature feel of a little boy saying; “Hey, look! A new bike! Let’s ride it on the freeway!” And I am very upset with his scheming to lie to Congress about it.
It is really hard to defend an administration that plays games like that.

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