Sunday, February 18, 2007

Duke lacrosse: Pieces of the crime spree

William Anderson has a very important article up:
Duke and Durham: The Criminal Cover-up Continues
ISTM that he has a stronger circumstancial case against Durham than California had against Scott Peterson.

One point he makes is of special interest to me:
The crime occurred when a lacrosse player supposedly emailed his teammates to tell them that he was coming forward to testify. However, the player never sent that email. Instead, it was manufactured by another party. Was it the police? That is where the evidence points, but the "blue wall of silence" is not giving in at this point.

That should not be surprising, since manufacturing "evidence" is a felony, as is obstruction of justice

This email has bugged me for a while. (See Duke Lacrosse: Assessing the News & Observer). I am amazed that no part of the press has been interested in finding more about who sent it. If it had been for real, it would have been the blockbuster Nifong needed. But since it is apparently fake there are only two choices. 1. The police sent it. 2. Someone inside of Duke hacked the system and sent it.

In either case we are looking at a serious crime.

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