Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random bits on Foley, Hastert, and the drive-by media

Good post over at the American Thinker. Two points that really hit home.

Democrats who see nothing suspicious about homosexual men who want to be scoutmasters are now claiming that the Speaker of the House should resign because he ignored the “red flags” and failed to initiate an inquisition into Foley’s sexual practices. Their blatant hypocrisy is as transparent as their lust for political advantage.
The tactical calculation behind the Foley scandal is the same as the calculation that drove both John Kerry and John Edwards to babble on about Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation in nationally televised debates. Democrats believe that they can suppress the evangelical vote by suggesting that the GOP is too gay friendly and they aren’t about to let mere scruples stand in their way. Kerry’s lesbian gambit failed because the targeted voters were not the troglodyte simpletons of the Democrats’ imagination. They largely recognized and resented the condescension motivating the attack, and affirmed their respect for tender love within a family.
There is a lot of hypocrisy on this issue by the Democrats and the MSM. They know that the gay angle makes it especially shocking to some and they are willing to exploit that.

Hastert took a beating in the press when he stood up for the rights of Congress by condemning the search of a House office. The subject of the investigation was a Democrat found with $90,000 stashed in his home freezer. Now Pelosi and company are attacking Hastert for not tearing Foley’s office apart because of an email.

Weren’t the Democrats worried about aggressive use of wiretaps when it came to terrorism? Why the change? I mean other than the election.

Hmmm. With Foley the scandal is the story. During the Clinton years, it was often the unearthing of the scandal that became the MSM’s story. (Scaife, American Spectator, VRWC, etc.) Why is no one interested in the facts that Mac’s Mind has unearthed and compiled?

I’ve heard several pundits “explain” that Republican scandals are covered more harshly because of the “hypocrisy.” Yeah, right. We know from the Starr Report that Bill and Monica used to rendezvous on Sunday afternoons. After, that is, Bill and Hill went to church and got their picture taken for the newspapers. Can’t get much more hypocritical than that. Yet, somehow, that part of the Clinton scandals never received much coverage.

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