Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I felt better the moment i hit send

I emailed this to Pardon the Interruption. i know i won't do any good, but hey, i got a post out of it.

You're right. It is an outrage that Mr. O'Neil is not in the Hall of Fame. What say you show some guts and call out the brainless wonders who failed to vote him in when they had the chance.

When a quarterback throws a dumb pick we don't say "the Steelers had a pass intercepted". Oh, no. Sportswriters (Wilbon) and misplaced lame comedians (Kornheiser) will rant for hours about the bad pass that Roethlisberger threw, the poor decision-making Big Ben displayed, #7's complete inability to do the job.

In short, sportswriters call out players by name.

But it is different, isn't it, when the shoe is on the other foot?

So do it. Who were the idiots who left Buck O'Neil out of the Hall of Fame?

Or just shut up if you don't have the spine to challenge some of your colleagues

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