Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cherry-picking intelligence

I thought Sen. Rockefeller was opposed to this sort of thing:

THE ENTIRE AFFAIR provides insight into how the game of spinning intelligence is played. The three republican senators explain that they blocked Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee from including the prewar intelligence collected from Sabri in the report. Why? Because the Democrats wanted to include Sabri's denial of a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda--but did not want to include Sabri's testimony about Saddam's ongoing WMD programs.

That is, the Democrats on the Committee wanted to cherry-pick which parts of Sabri's testimony were included and which ones were not. Sabri's prewar testimony on Saddam's WMD programs confirmed other accounts produced by the intelligence community, despite Drumheller's claims otherwise. This would make it difficult for Senators Rockefeller and Levin to claim that the Bush administration "misled" the nation into war

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