Sunday, June 04, 2006

New York to the Heartland: You're Expendable!

That's how i read the reaction to the anti-terrorism funding for 2006.

I blogged about this issue here and here.

It is hard to take Bloomberg seriously because he rarely acts like counter-terrorism is Job 1 for NYC's mayor. If it was he would not waste time on smoking bans and harrassing gun dealers in Pennsylvania.

HRC has now weighed in:

Senator Clinton Criticizes Cut in Antiterror Financing

Is it possible that she will shoot herself in the foot on this issue? It is a great issue for her in New York, but will it hurt her in Iowa and New Hampshire? Maybe some parents there will ask about Beslan. If i lived in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, i'd want to know if the children of Iowa were somehow less important because my state had no Empire State building.

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