Monday, August 08, 2005

The wrong war, on the wrong issue, at the wrong time

When it comes to ethnic profiling, why do some conservatives insist on playing Charlie Brown to the MSM's Lucy? Why, when the issue is ethnic profiling, do they insist on defending the ineffective while pretending that it in no way deepens the impression that conservative=racist?

It might be worth it if ethnic profiling would make us safer. Unfortunately, terrorists come in all shapes and colors. Law enforcement cannot announce that anyone is immune to scrutiny. The moment you say that people in wheelchairs will not be questioned or searched, you incent the terrorists to find a way to put a bomb in a wheelchair. Give a pass to oriental females and you tell al Qaeda who to recruit, trick, or bribe in their next operation.

In the 1970s Japanese terrorists worked with Palestinian terrorists. German neo-Nazi gangs trained in camps in Lebanon. So did elements of the IRA. It seems absurd to pretend that Islamic terror attacks will always be carried out by Arab men. In fact, the London attacks show us that this is not true. We can also throw in Jose Padilla and John Walker Lindh.

So why keep arguing for a tactic that will not make us safer, will only alienate citizens and other residents, and makes conservatives look bad?

I do not have the answer to that last question. I just wish we could stop trying to kick that stupid football.

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