Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gorelick: the once and future boss?

This post in The Corner from last year bolsters, to some extent, the anti-Gorelick case.

"9/11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick was mentioned during the Clinton administration as a possible appointment to the CIA and/or Defense Department!

Source: The New Republic (December 2, 1996)

Article 'Cabinet-Making, Clinton Style: E.G.G. Heads'

by Hanna Rosin

Meanwhile, the White House is hiding an ace named Jamie Gorelick, the deputy attorney general who is mentioned for just about everything, including the CIA and undersecretary of defense. 'Can you imagine, the number two in the Defense Department being a girl!' says one justice official. 'The head of the CIA in a skirt! That seems a sentimental historic move Clinton can't resist.' The widely respected Gorelick has only one problem. 'She doesn't come with the right constituency,' says a White House source. 'The women's groups don't see her as one of them.'"

If chief architect of "the wall" might become your boss, and is clearly is perceived as a "star" by the White House, it might be prudent to follow her lead on information sharing. That is so even if you don't currently answer to her and her directives do not directly apply to you department.

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