Saturday, August 13, 2005

Atta, Prague, and the FBI

I reposted the Hanssen piece because i think that it raises some questions about the Prague connection.

If al Qaeda knew how to evade or trick some of the FBI's most advanced procedures and software, then the evidence offered to refute the "Prague Connection" looks even weaker.

The timing on this is critical. Hanssen was arrested in February 2001 and did not plead guilty until July 2001. He seems to have broken his promise to cooperate with the FBI on his plea agreement.

It is almost certain that the FBI did not know how many of their secrets were in al Qaeda's hands when they began their investigation into 9-11. Given Hanssen's non-cooperation, they might not know today.

It is possible that Atta or his handlers knew that the cell phone calls and other tracks would be picked up by the FBI. It is also possible, thanks to Hanssen, that they knew how cover their tracks when they had to. Hence, most of the time Atta operated in a way that made it easy for the investigation to follow him around after the attack. What did he care, he was going to die on 9-11. But there could be different procedures for meetings with his contacts that were going to survive 9-11.

All this is just speculation and questioning. But in light of Able Danger and the material Captain Ed is posting on Prague, there are a lot of new questions to ask.

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