Monday, May 23, 2005

Playing catch-up

Some good stuff worth checking out:

The latest Blogworthies from E. L. Core

The Hidden Message of Star Wars: Episode III

Not your usual Star Wars analysis. (HT: The Anchoress)

Radio Equalizer looks at some recent media commentary on Court TV's Nancy Grace

Is This Woman The Devil?

He's much kinder to her than i was last September
The Puritans in Salem only managed to hang 19 people for witchcraft in 1692 and actually acquitted over half of those charged. If they had had Nancy Grace on the bench, they could easily have hit triple digits and scored a 100% conviction rate. Judging by her CNN and Court-TV appearances, she has never seen a defendant who was not guilty.

Finally, Photon Courier has a great post on THE DEHUMANIZATION OF ART

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