Sunday, May 16, 2004

Katrina Leung Case

The FBI agent who became involved with the accused Chinese spy has struck a deal and will cooperate with investigators. See more from NY Times, LA Times and Washington Post.

For background see this post from last year and this from a Frontline special on the subject.

This from the Post gives a taste of the defense strategy:

In a written statement yesterday, Leung's attorneys, Janet Levine and John Vandevelde, said: "Although we may have to fight to the end because the FBI has tried to protect its own and shift blame for their mistakes to Katrina, an outsider, a Chinese American and a woman, we are confident that this case is much ado about nothing and Katrina Leung will be vindicated."

Leung is charged with copying national security documents and unauthorized possession of those documents. Her attorneys have said they plan to take advantage of limitations imposed on the government by national security concerns.

"We expect the government will have to make hard decisions about whether to publicly disclose 20 years worth of spying secrets in order to pursue an ill-advised prosecution," the defense team said in a statement last year.

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