Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blogs and Project Management

I posted before on this, but it sort of fits with the blogs and business article mentioned below.

Blogs may have limited use as a marketing tool and they have more potential for effective knowledge management than current methods. But they are close to ideal for project management.

Compared to email, they are vastly better at supplying context; the previous messages are on the same page for easy reference. Their built-in archive function makes it easy for new members of the team to come up to speed. (One of the biggest problems most project teams face is the turnover in personnel and consequent loss of knowledge.)

They also make it easy for managers to gauge progress with out demanding meetings and briefings which suck up everyone's time to no good purpose.

If the project is for outside clients (like advertising or IT services), a blog provides a level of transparency and customer intimacy that is a value-enhancing differentiator.

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