Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lie of the year

Of course, it had to be "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."

But not so fast. Patterico notes that Politfact has waffled on this question for three years which raises an important question:

So, yes, PolitiFact, you got this one right, now — and if you had chosen any other statement it would have been outrageous. BUT . . . you completely blew this before. And so the question is: why on God’s green Earth should anybody ever listen to you again or care what you have to say, when you totally blew the call multiple times on a lie this huge?
I thought that the "media critics" on Fox, CNN, and NPR might discuss how the MSM could let a pernicious and dangerous lie go unchallenged for years. So i checked out "On the Media", "Reliable Sources", and "Media Buzz".

Guess what.... none of them covered it.

I'm not surprised that OTM decided to run a bunch a fluff to protect their boyfriend in the Oval Office. That is par for the course. Nor did i expect much from CNN. (It was interesting that CNN had time to join in the Megyn Kelly bashing but no time for a story of huge importance to the nation and the craft of journalism.)

But come on, shouldn't Fox News care about this sort of thing?

In an odd way, Howard Kurtz's move from CNN to FNC has made each network more liberal.

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XisDshiz said...

I made a parody video that illustrates the lie of the year, and its funnier than the clowns at Politifact!

Hitler's health insurance is cancelled