Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Foley Mess: Anti-gay window advertising

"gay window advertising," a strategy that permits gays and lesbians to "read into an ad certain subtextual elements" --that is, queer subtextual elements--while heterosexual consumers remain unaware of such elements.
The Foley case, like Kerry's "outing" of Mary Cheney, is an example of anti-gay window advertising. The scandal may evaporate under scrutiny, but many of the people who stage-managed this don't care about that. In the end, they are happy that they drove home the message to the conservative base---- Foley Gay Republican, Foley Gay Republican, Foley Gay Republican.

They pretend to deplore the bigotry of the "Christian right", yet they are willing to exploit that bigotry if it will suppress turnout.

Keep checking Macsmind for the best coverage of the twist and turns.

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